Allwood Land A Massive Coup

Allwood Land A Massive Coup

The friendly team at Allwood Stud and their loyal clients will be dancing to a fantastic beat after landing what will be one of the biggest signings for new stallions in the 2019 / 2020 breeding season and beyond.  (Lazarus will be the other massive name)

Rock N Roll World will undoubtedly have the strongest pedigree (by the length of the straight) on any new stallion coming into Australasia this season.

For those people new to the sport, he is by world champion Rocknroll Hanover

One of North America’s Greatest Ever Sires. From his first 5 Crops to Race Sire of 642 Starters, 77 in 1:50 or Faster, 325 in 1:53, 573 in 1:55, 355 in 1:59, 13 Millionaires, 56 offspring that’s gone on to win north of $500,000, plus a staggering 308 $100,000+ Winners and Total Progeny Earnings of Over $110 Million including a Horse of the Year, a 3YO Colt of the Year, two 3YO Fillies of the Year, a 2YO Filly of the Year, the Fastest Mare in History and Numerous World Champions.

While the above is clearly very impressive, its Rock N Roll World’s dam line that will set him apart from his new season rivals going forward. He is of course out of the sensational U7 mare, Worldly Beauty,  who herself won $1,900,255 USD.  This amazing mare carries the full blood of Art Major, Perfect Art and Worldly Treasure ( The dam of Captaintreacherous )

This U7 family sets the bar in the minds of many, see a small sample below of these:

Eternal Camnation 1997 F U7 NA $3,748,574 Cam Fella Nihilator
Mr Feelgood 2003 M U7 INT $3,365,757 Grinfromeartoear Jate Lobell
Captaintreacherous 2010 M U7 NA $3,023,286 Somebeachsomewhere Artsplace
Bunny Lake 1998 F U7 NA $2,843,476 Precious Bunny Abercrombie
Art Major 1999 M U7 NA $2,727,224 Artsplace Nihilator
Downbytheseaside 2014 M U7 NA $2,179,558 Somebeachsomewhere Allamerican Native
Chancey Lady 2005 F U7 NA $2,072,092 Camluck Artsplace
Life Sign 1990 M U7 NA $1,912,454 Abercrombie Albatross
Worldly Beauty 1999 F U7 NA $1,900,255 Artsplace Nihilator
Dancin Yankee 2008 M U7 NA $1,879,907 Yankee Cruiser Cambest
American Jewel 2009 F U7 NA $1,840,565 American Ideal Camluck
Robust Hanover 1983 M U7 NA $1,613,667 Warm Breeze Meadow Skipper
See You at Peelers 2008 F U7 NA $1,573,260 Bettors Delight Western Ideal
Sportswriter 2007 M U7 NA $1,566,460 Artsplace Jate Lobell
Big Jim 2008 M U7 NA $1,529,924 Western Ideal Big Towner
Western Fame 2013 M U7 NA $1,487,320 Western Ideal Artiscape
Western Ideal 1995 M U7 NA $1,455,422 Western Hanover Abercrombie
Luck Be Withyou 2011 M U7 NA $1,454,166 Western Ideal Camluck
Chairmanoftheboard 1982 M U7 NA $1,341,823 Meadow Skipper Race Time
Quality Western 2000 M U7 NA $1,292,528 Western Hanover Abercrombie
Camille 2008 F U7 NA $1,276,532 Camluck Artsplace
Dynamic Youth 2009 G U7 NA $1,229,372 Bettors Delight Western Hanover
DM Dilinger 1994 M U7 NA $1,226,789 Camluck Striking Force
Metropolitan 2001 M U7 NA $1,175,630 The Panderosa Artsplace
Noble Falcon 2004 G U7 NA $1,156,936 Nobleland Sam Albert Albert
Caviart Ally 2014 F U7 NA $1,152,301 Bettors Delight No Nukes
Caramore 1978 M U7 NA $1,129,411 Jolly Roger Adios Ronnie
Hes Watching 2011 M U7 NA $1,116,450 American Ideal Real Desire
Arts Virtue 1997 F U7 NA $1,100,639 Artsplace No Nukes
Fancy Filly 2007 F U7 NA $1,080,806 Western Hanover Artsplace
Tucson Hanover 1983 M U7 NA $1,072,623 Albatross Bret Hanover
Naughty But Nice 1981 F U7 NA $1,062,197 Meadow Skipper Bret Hanover
Speed Again 2009 G U7 NA $1,058,239 Dragon Again Matts Scooter
Always At My Place 2011 G U7 NA $1,055,290 Always a Virgin Artsplace
Leah Almahurst 1985 F U7 NA $1,053,201 Abercrombie Meadow Skipper
Feeling You 2007 F U7 NA $1,028,496 Cambest Artsplace
Code Word 2007 M U7 NA $1,026,623 Western Terror Northern Luck
Nadia Lobell 1984 F U7 NA $1,007,119 No Nukes Albatross
Rum Customer 1965 M U7 NA $1,001,548 Poplar Byrd Knight Dream

Rock N Roll World 1:48.3 won on no less than 18 occasions – add that to his 17 seconds and 10 thirds shows he was a super-fast, outstanding looking horse. When we contacted Allwood Stud today their representative went on to say:

“We have been looking for a world class stallion from NA for some time – particularly one that we believe had the perfect mix of sire line, dam line and race track performance…that could really produce elite race track performers, elevate and enhance our clients mare families.  In Rock N Roll World we believe we have landed that star horse. U7 stallions have lead the way in this country for so many years and we think Rock N Roll World will continue this amazing trend.”

An introductory  offer of just $4,000  looks like sensationial value and a perfect price point for breeders wishing to get a great return in the yearling sales to come.

All enquiries are welcome,  please feel free to contact

Michael Holtham

Address: Allwood Stud Farm 2199 Great Northern Highway, Bullsbrook, WA 6084 (PO Box 151, Parkwood, WA 6147)

Phone: (08) 9571 3999

Mobile: 0421 331 586

Fax: (08) 9571 3777

E-Mail: mickdebholtham@wn.com.au

Don’t forget the Group 1, $100,000 Allwood Stud 2019 SA Sale Classic Final for 2YO’S is just around the corner, (the 8th of June ) its South Australia’s richest race.

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