Allwood Stud 2018 SA Yearling Non-Sale Entries are now open

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Allwood Stud 2018 SA Yearling Non-Sale Entries are now open
15 June 2017
by Gary Crocker, Chairman of the Allwood Stud Farm 2018 SA Yearling Sale Committee

For Breeders looking to join us in creating Australia’s Greatest Value 2YO Race and to be part of an event which we believe harness racing people all over this country will find intoxicating.

It is with considerable joy that l can announce the Allwood Stud 2018 SA Yearling Non-Sale entries are now open.

In our mission to build Australia’s Greatest Value Race we understand it’s extremely important that we connect and build strong partnerships both at home here in SA and with lovers of our sport right across the harness racing regions of this nation.

The Committee I represent, have made the hard call to cap the number of non-sale entries to just 33 (we are allowing for a 10% drop out rate). If the Committee forms the view  that the balance between the entries received  from within South Australia,  and that of the ones outside of the State, is not in the best interest of the event, we have made provisions to expand that number to 40 non-sale entries, if required.

While the full terms and conditions will be  made  available very soon, please see some key points below.

  1. All South Australian bred or owned (75% or more must be residents of SA) yearlings will get the first opportunity to up the 33 places in the non-sale entries, this exclusive offer expires on 17/07/2017. Unfortunately no extensions can be granted to anyone.
  2. If any confirmed entry who takes up the payment plan and fails to make a payment by the due date,  they will forfeit their entry, and any previous payments will not be refunded.
  3. No refunds will be made, even in the event where death occurs of any entry.
  4. Yearlings with Australian freeze brands can only enter this event.
  5. Non-Sale entries from this event can also be Non-Sale entries in the APG race series and these Allwood Studnon-sale entries call be sold through the APG’s sales in 2018.
  6. The Committee will, at its full discretion, make the decision of which entries make it into the non-sale entries and those that will regrettably miss out.
  7. The race will preferential draws for fillies.
  8. The Committee has the right to expand or contract the number of entries at any given time.

While it’s evident we are putting in place a South Australian first policy (this year) for breeders in our home state, the success of this event will be our ability  to connect with breeders and owners nationally.  l would like to extend my personal invitation to now ask for all breeders to come forward and fill in the entry below and partner up with us, in building Australia’s Greatest Value 2Yo Race.



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