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APG’s 2022 Perth Sale running at Magics Millions Sales Complex 2/56 Dale Road, Middle Swan WA is statistically APG’s strongest ever Perth Sale line up. The dams of the 120 or so Perth Yearlings boast the strongest production record in the history of the APG Perth Sale, and breeders have bolstered that maternal strength by sending their mares to the best stallions available in the sport.


In particular the team at Allwood Stud are thrilled with the progeny of their stallion Rock N Roll World, with the young gun sire set to have a massive day come Sunday, 27 February.


Yearling buyers should be very enthusiastic about Rock N Roll World’s bloodlines. With Art Major’s dam & Rock N Roll World’s grand dam being full sisters, little wonder why Allwood Stud has already had so much interest . Add to this the fact that Rock N Roll World’s Hall of Fame dam, USA 2 & 3yo Filly Pacer of the Year, Worldly Beauty ($1,900,255) is a full sister to the dam of Captaintreacherous – so you can quickly understand the reason for all the excitement!


Although North America has around 3,000 recorded families, one seems to be leading the way in the modern era, especially on the latest release of Harness Racing Living Hall Of Fame List.


The  U7 – Miss Duvall family has a staggering 7 living greats on the list (this is the same magnificent family as Rock N Roll World ).


Fan Hanover 1978 F U7 Albatross Bret Hanover
Perfect Profile 1990 F U7 Nihilator Big Towner
Bunny Lake 1998 F U7 Precious Bunny Abercrombie
Eternal Camnation 1997 F U7 Cam Fella Nihilator
Western Ideal 1995 Colt U7 Western Hanover Abercrombie
Art Major 1999 Colt U7 Artsplace Nihilator
Captaintreacherous 2010 Colt U7 Somebeachsomewhere Artsplace


The total List of Rock N Roll World’s U7 – Miss Duvall family members  with earnings over $1,000,000 are:

Eternal Camnation F U7 $3,748,574 Cam Fella Nihilator
Mr Feelgood M U7 $3,365,757 Grinfromeartoear Jate Lobell
Captaintreacherous M U7 $3,023,286 Somebeachsomewhere Artsplace
Bunny Lake F U7 $2,843,476 Precious Bunny Abercrombie
Art Major M U7 $2,727,224 Artsplace Nihilator
Downbytheseaside M U7 $2,179,558 Somebeachsomewhere Allamerican Native
Chancey Lady F U7 $2,072,092 Camluck Artsplace
Dancin Yankee M U7 $1,969,987 Yankee Cruiser Cambest
Life Sign M U7 $1,912,454 Abercrombie Albatross
Worldly Beauty F U7 $1,900,255 Artsplace Nihilator
American Jewel F U7 $1,840,565 American Ideal Camluck
Western Fame M U7 $1,726,975 Western Ideal Artiscape
Robust Hanover M U7 $1,613,667 Warm Breeze Meadow Skipper
Caviart Ally F U7 $1,585,716 Bettors Delight No Nukes
See You at Peelers F U7 $1,573,260 Bettors Delight Western Ideal
Sportswriter M U7 $1,566,460 Artsplace Jate Lobell
Bettors Wish M U7 $1,561,000 Bettors Delight Western Ideal
Big Jim M U7 $1,529,924 Western Ideal Big Towner
Western Ideal M U7 $1,455,422 Western Hanover Abercrombie
Luck Be Withyou M U7 $1,454,166 Western Ideal Camluck
Chairmanoftheboard M U7 $1,341,823 Meadow Skipper Race Time
Quality Western M U7 $1,292,528 Western Hanover Abercrombie
Camille F U7 $1,276,532 Camluck Artsplace
Dynamic Youth G U7 $1,229,372 Bettors Delight Western Hanover
DM Dilinger M U7 $1,226,789 Camluck Striking Force
Metropolitan M U7 $1,175,630 The Panderosa Artsplace
Noble Falcon G U7 $1,156,936 Nobleland Sam Albert Albert
Caramore M U7 $1,129,411 Jolly Roger Adios Ronnie
Hes Watching M U7 $1,116,450 American Ideal Real Desire
Always At My Place G U7 $1,108,120 Always a Virgin Artsplace
Arts Virtue F U7 $1,100,639 Artsplace No Nukes
Fancy Filly F U7 $1,080,806 Western Hanover Artsplace
Tucson Hanover M U7 $1,072,623 Albatross Bret Hanover
Naughty But Nice F U7 $1,062,197 Meadow Skipper Bret Hanover
Speed Again G U7 $1,058,239 Dragon Again Matts Scooter
Leah Almahurst F U7 $1,053,201 Abercrombie Meadow Skipper
Feeling You F U7 $1,028,496 Cambest Artsplace
Code Word M U7 $1,026,623 Western Terror Northern Luck
Nadia Lobell F U7 $1,007,119 No Nukes Albatross
Rum Customer M U7 $1,001,548 Poplar Byrd Knight Dream


Due to the challenges around getting staff on the ground in WA, please contact Belinda Richardson on 0402 290 708 and she’ll be pleased to assist you with your online registrations and onsite pre-bidding sale approvals.

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