Allwood Stud Farm


Allwood Stud Farm is a standardbred breeding establishment, located at the head of the beautiful Swan Valley about 40 minutes north of Perth, Western Australia.

It truly is the ‘Hidden Gem of the Swan Valley’.

Allwood Stud Farm specialises in the artificial insemination of mares using both fresh and frozen semen from resident stallions as well as interstate and overseas stallions and is strategically based (being only 25 minutes from the airport).

The stud also offers 24-hour around-the-clock care for foaling down mares, agistment of mares and foals, and many other services including the preparation of yearlings for standardbred sales.

Allwood Stud Farm, acknowledged as the premier standardbred nursery in WA, boasts 430 acres of rich loam soil and quality pasture comprised of clover and rye grasses for agisting broodmares, weanlings, and foals.

This beautiful setting, the climate, and terrain of the Swan Valley creates an ideal environment to breed and raise standardbreds.

Allwood Stud Farm manager Mick Holtham and his dedicated team have extensive hands-on experience in the care and maintenance of broodmares and foals and consistently achieve excellent results getting mares into foal.

The stud is well-appointed with safe and well-maintained facilities, horse-safe fencing, modern equipment, carefully-nurtured pasture, separate paddocks for wet and dry mares, plentiful water, and a sloping landscape dotted with trees.