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November has finished as it began with the young progeny of Follow The Stars glittering!

Let’s relive the successes so breeders & buyers can see the lines they’ve come from:

30 NOV – LETS GET MESSI (2YO) – Broodmare sire: American Ideal
28 NOV – ROBBIE ROCKET (2YO) – Broodmare sire: Safely Kept
23 NOV – NIGHTWATCH STAR (3YO) – Broodmare sire: Lombo Pocket Watch
16 NOV – TAMAKI DRIVE (2YO) – Broodmare sire: Yankee Sensation
17 NOV – FIORD (3YO) – Broodmare sire: JC’s Suprimo
14 NOV – NAVAJO STARGAZER (3YO) – Broodmare sire: Advance Attack
13 NOV – OUR STAR CARLY (3YO) – Broodmare sire: Northern Luck
09 NOV – OUR SHOOTING STAR (2YO) – Broodmare sire: Bettors Delight
07 NOV – SPEEDING STAR (2YO) – Broodmare sire: American Ideal
06 NOV – STAR FROMTHEPALACE (3YO) – Broodmare sire: Royal Mattjesty

It will come as no surprise to see Safely Kept among the broodmare sires above for we have already seen Follow The Star’s famous father, Art Major, cross with Safely Kept mares to produce Vincent ($598,803), Major Secret (464,872) & Louvre ($402,665). We also see little known stallion JC’s Suprimo among the Broodmare sires listed above. Like Safely Kept, a fellow No Nukes line stallion. It will also come as no surprise to see American Ideal among the above Broodmare sires. Our North American colleagues have big wraps on the Art Major – American Ideal cross. We also see No Nukes in the background via arguably his greatest son Western Hanover, the grandsire of American Ideal. The No Nukes influence is seen again with Yankee Sensation, another son of Western Hanover.

Successes have also come from Direct Scooter line mares (via Advance Attack & Royal Mattjesty) as well as Cam Fella line mares (via Bettors Delight & Northern Luck). Royal Mattjesty also happens to be from a No Nukes mare.

From just two crops of racing age Follow The Stars is leaving a constant flow of juvenile winners including star 2yo filly Black Jack Baby. Black Jack Baby is from a McArdle mare. His sire Falcon Seelster is the broodmare sire of Art Major’s richest son, Art Official ($2,082,885). Breeders in Victoria, where Follow The Stars is standing this year, have every reason to be dreaming of the progeny of their No Nukes, Direct Scooter, Cam Fella & Falcon Seelster line mares winning a $12,000 Vicbred Premium bonus in the future.

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